Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have I got the bloddy Swine flu or what?

I was so happy last Saturday when kids n their dad got to go friends birthday party,cuz I had home all to my self.But I guess I was in big scary surprise next day...when my husband started complaining having a headache,body pain n loss of I gave him some Motrin,but as day passes he had bit of fever too!
he passed the night with pain...I was thinking at night that I will send him to the doctor next day.Boy O boy have I got even bigger surprise waiting for me in the morning or what...

Both my daughters came to my room with complaint of having headache n sore throat,30 minutes later my son with same I call the their pediatric doctor...she advise me to do home remedy like honey,ginger and haldi tea to sooth their throat(she is an Indian doctor) I did..they all were very unhappy with the taste...but with mom's order they couldn't say no to the day night they all have high fever like between the range of 102f. to 104f. I was giving them Motrin every 4 hours...but this fever would take 45 minutes to go down n withing the hour it would come back.whole night in the living room I made all 4 of their bed n started puting cold strips to their head n also their hands n legs to realesed the pressure of helped till the morning.

By the morning I was exhausted n aching for some power nap,but I can't afford to take rest..I called the doctor n told her that I am bringing my kids to her clinic.she said just wait in your car when you arrived cuz we can't let you in with you all exposed to might be "Swine flu".I understood.I called them once we reached there.The nurse came right away with her tools n did the swab swipe in kids nose.she again came back after 10 minutes with the bed news that yes they all have flu.I asked her is it flu or H1N1 flu...she said it will only determine with the blood test,but doctor came back with her mask n gloves on hand...check every one n told me that we don't have to go to hospital but home with the prescription "Tami flu".I gave every one their water bottle n told then to drink that every hour or PRN(as needed)that's the only wise thing you can do if you don't want to go to hospital when you running a high fever..make sure you keep your patient hydrate,cool n calm.
Cleanliness is important too!After gave them their medicine I put them to their bed n started do their laundry,cleaned whole house again with Clorox tissue.I made them chicken noodle soup n grilled cheez sandwich which of course they didn't like(not that my cooking is worst but with feverish mouth their tongue couldn't recognize the taste).The next day both my daughters had sever cough n with that they started vomiting...again I called the doctor n she told me these are the all symptoms of the swine flu so I gave then cough syrup.that seemed to helped them but body ache n headache was constant...I guess with flu if you have bacterial you can get treated faster with anti bacterial medicine..but this type of viral infection it's hard to get anti viral medicine...(all you can do is treat the side symptoms)n half the time you won't know if it is going to work or not.(you just have to wait n let the virus run it's own course)I think I have lost 5 pounds so far...but today they all feel better.just a little bit cough but they are OK with that.Thank God!!

I was so relieved n happy at same time that I didn't get this flu...but I have to bite my tongue...last night my throat was bit scratchy n paining,this morning I couldn't get out of my bed n all shivering with cold...n in 30 minutes I had fever of 102f. I knew I had their flu,so my husband went to pharmacy n filled my prescription n gave me the med. too!

I hope this flu go away faster like it came n attacked all of us at same time...Today is second day of this flu to me n fever is breaking,everyone is taking care of me...feeling so good already...just my body ache n headache goes faster...thank god I don't have bad cough like them but bite my tongue don't wanna jinx it by saying it...I never wished anyone to have this is so miserable n it's gonna break you apart inside n out.